Water bugs is Dedicated to Teaching Water Safety for Life.

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About us


Water Bugs is a safe, fun, and relaxing environment for learning water safety, basic and advanced swimming strokes, and water survival skills. We even include an AED & CPR demo for all ages. 

Waterbugs has a passion for water safety and learing to swim in a safe and encouraging environment, while helping the children feel empowered in the water.

The informal, inviting, and relaxed atmosphere will put your child at ease and encourage a life long love of swimming.







Jessica Kelly, owner, is an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Certified teacher (WSI) through Texas Tech University Aquatics Center and the American Red Cross. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies, certified teaching degree in Life Science, and an M.B.A. from West Texas A&M.  

She has 10 years experience in children's ministry (Holy Spirit Church) and 15 years teaching experience. She loves KIDS! Jessica resides in Shallowater with her husband, Tim, keeper of the backyard pool, and two children, Dylan (18) student at UT Austin and Malia (17) Shallowater student.

Jessica is an avid swimmer and began taking lessons as an infant, taught swimming instruction in high school, and took swimming courses in college. Her love of the water is evident as she rarely wants to leave the pool at the end of class. "Teaching my own children to swim was a joy; now I get to teach your child to love the water too.  It is my privilege." 









Kristi Barker holds a Bachelors Degree in Education, Masters Degree in Adult Literacy, and Masters Degree in Educational Counseling. She is currently an Associate Professor at South Plains College. Kristi is a compassionate and loving teacher who strives to help each child meet their goals. Kristi is outgoing and fun loving with kids; typically even the most shy child responds to her cajoling. Kristi has a passion for exercise and fitness and for making children feel safe and welcome. Her style of teaching is never boring and she modifies on the spot to meet each child's needs. She too has a fond love of the water and is ready to share this gift with your child. She resides in Shallowater with her husband and two children.












Skylah Hoffman  holds a Bachelors in Child Development from Central Oklahoma University.  Waterbugs is honored to have her teach swimming lessons.  Sky is patient and kind with students and prepares diligently for each day.  She has a calm, soothing voice which makes any child feel at home. Sky is especially patient with younger children. She was a lifeguard in a former life and has taught swimming for many years.  She resides in Shallowater, TX with her husband, Bret Hoffman, DC, Chiropractor, and two kids: son Cannon and daughter Maddux. 












Kameri Hoffman is a native of Perryton, TX and moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree, is a former teacher in Amarillo ISD and Carrolton-Farmers Branch ISD, and is now the stay-at-home mother of three young girls.  Kameri has a gift for patience.  She is kind hearted and loves children.  Kameri is also dedicated to water safety and the intentionality of teaching swim as a cause for life saving skills. Prepare to be amazed by her skills as a teacher.  She resides in Shallowater, TX with her husband, Cale Hoffman, DC Chiropractor, and children. 

Kaitlin Riojas is a graduate of Lubbock Christian University and lifelong resident of Shallowater, TX.  She is involved in her church camp programs and works for Hilltop Real Estate Group as a Transaction Coordinator.  She is passionate about swimming and has loved being in the water her whole life.  She hopes to impart the same love with your child. Kaitlin is funny and sweet. She loves to engage with children and always sees the best in them. She is ready to make swimming fun! She resides in Shallowater, TX with her husband, Nathan, and their two children.

Assistants of Water Bugs are excellent swimmers and at times can outpace the teachers with their endless energy and fitness level.


Relay races against them are a highlight of the week for the kids.


Each has assisted in swimming for several years and together they offer a collective background in babysitting, classroom management courses and CPR instruction.


They make "staying on your diamond" fun and offer the coveted end-of-class popsicles, making them the most popular of all.

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